2003 NordMedica is founded by two senior executives with several years of international management experience from research based pharmaceutical companies, like Merck Sharpe and Dohme, Upjohn, Bayer and AstraZeneca.
2005 6 proprietary products are acquired from Eli Lilly, US for Denmark and Iceland. Keflex®, Kefzol®, Nebcina®, Doloxene®, Vancocin® and Dobutrex®.
2006 Vancocin® is acquired from Eli Lilly, US for the Swedish market.
2006 Neostigmin is acquired from Pfizer, US for the Swedish market.
2007 5 products are acquired from Pfizer for Sweden. Vibramycin®, Terramycin® with Polymyxin B, flurablastin, Adriamycin®, chloramphenicol succinat. Vibramycin® Oral suspension is also acquired for Norway, Finland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.
2007 Pondocillin® is acquired for Denmark from Leo Pharma, Denmark.
2008 Amekrin®/Amsidyl®/Amsidine® is acquired from Pfizer for Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Further rights for Amecrin in “compassionate use” for several international markets.
2008 Flurablastin and Adriamycin® is divested to Strides Arcolab and Vancocin® i.v. is divested to Farma Plus, Norway.
2008 Ampicillin is acquired for Denmark from Vepidan, Denmark.
2008 NordMedica SA is established as a principal subsidiary in Lugano, Switzerland. Managing Director for the company employed.
2009 FarmaPlus establishes their own distribution in Denmark after 4 successful years of collaboration with NordMedica.
2009 The market authorisation for Nebcina® is transferred to Eurocept International B.V., The Netherlands.
2009 NordMedica completes the acquisition of the product Estradurin® (polyestradiol) from Pfizer for 11 European countries.
2010 A Nordic product portfolio of 8 products - Ampicillin, Dobutrex®, Doloxene®, Keflex®, Kefzol®, Neostigmin®, Pondocillin®, and Vancocin® - is divested to Pharmacodane ApS, a subsidiary of German STADA Arzneimittel AG.
2010 The NordMedica headquarter is successfully relocated to Jægersborg Allé 164, 2820 Gentofte, Denmark.
2011 NordMedica A/S acquires worldwide rights to RescueFlow® from BioPhausia AB, Sweden. RescueFlow® (7.5% sodium chloride and 6% dextran 70) is a novel Small Volume Resuscitation drug.
2011 An agreement is signed with Goldshield Group Ltd, Surrey, UK by which the British and the Irish MA for Amsidine® is transferred to NordMedica. Goldshield will continue to act as distributor for Amsidine® in the 2 countries.
2011 At a Board of Directors Meeting it is decided for NordMedica A/S to acquire a majority shareholding in the Danish company CCURE A/S from Chr. Olesen & Co. A/S. CCURE A/S is a pharmaceutical development company focused on bringing a range of basic pharmaceutical products to market in prefilled syringes. www.ccurepharma.com
2011 The veterinary product rights for Doxynord® Vet is divested to Let Vet Pharma BV, The Netherlands.
2011 NordMedica aquired a Danish portfolio of 5 well established products from Amgros (The Danish Regions' Pharmaceutical Organisation).
2012 A Nordic distribution agreement for Methylthioninium chloride Proveblue, was signed with French ProvePharm S.A.S.
2012 NordMedica A/S divested all products to NordMedica International A/S as per July 1st, 2012, except for the product AMEKRIN®/ AMSIDYL®/ AMSIDINE®.
2012 A Nordic and Baltic distribution agreement for Xaluprine® Oral Suspension 20mg/ml was signed with Trimedica Ltd., United Kingdom.

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